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The Dudley Corporation – Everyone Does Everything Wrong

So. We have a new release! Vinyl and download only, released May 11th 2013. Pre-order from Bandcamp.

Details are as follows:

‘Everyone Does Everything Wrong’ is the 4th album by The Dudley Corporation. The Corpo are known for their stop-start rock tunes interspersed with slow, ruminative songs, but this album marks something of a departure. It’s a 13-track rock blowout, sprawling with crunchy guitars, multi-track vocals, and double bass drum pummelling, all delivered in neat 3-minute packages. ‘Everyone Does Everything Wrong’ is their first full-length album in 5 years. It’s not that they’ve been slacking off though, unless you call 6 children and a PhD slacking off.

Recorded with Jimmy Eadie (Jape, Si Schroeder) in Asylum Studios in Dublin, mixed by Rob Bochnik (The Frames, Swell Season) in Chicago, and mastered by Stephen Quinn (pretty much any decent Irish release from the last 3 years), it features artwork by the Dublin-Malmö duo M&E.

Everyone Does Everything Wrong cover

The Corpo’s first two LPs, ‘The Lonely World of The Dudley Corporation’ and ‘In Love With The Dudley Corporation’ came out in quick succession amidst a frenetic live schedule in the early 2000s. Album number 3, ‘Year of the Husband’ (2008) slowed the pace a little. Work on ‘Everyone Does Everything Wrong’ began after drummer Joss Moorkens returned from Japan having played in a grindcore band, with the intention of making a Corpo rock album. Luckily, guitarist Dudley Colley and bass player Mark Jordan were of a similar mind, so larger amps and distortion pedals were acquired and work began in earnest.

Over the last few years band members have played with – and contributed to releases by – Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, Si Schroeder, Large Mound and Barry McCormack. But with the focus now firmly back in camp Corpo they’ll be laying waste to 3 or 4 moderately sized rooms in easy-to-access towns across the country, starting with the album launch in Whelans, Dublin on May 11th. Support on the night comes from the wonderful Jogging, and indie newcomers The Run Ons. They’ll then play in Bourke’s in Limerick on May 16th and the Róisín Dubh in Galway on May 18th with further dates to be announced thereafter.

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